The Company: Ugarteburu S.A. is our former company with more than 50 years of experience in the bar turning sector. The company has managed to position itself as a leader both in therm of a guarantee of the best quality and the most comprehensive service for our customers.

Market: Turned bars in large batch runs with diameters of between 5 and 45 mms and sets our components for the Automotive, Electrical, Appliances, Gas Industry, Electronics and Tools sectors, etc.

Machinery: An extensive machinery park that includes the most modern multi-spindle lathes, Single spindle lathes for cams and C.N.C., transfer for seconds operations, etc., as well as a very complete set of equipment for the cleaning of all products. 44 Multi-spindle machines: 6 and 8 spindle machines with the capacity from 5 to 45 mms. Bands Index, Schute, Gildemeister and Tornos-Belcher.

The Company was built by Ugarteburu S.A. in 1990 to increase product their range. Its philosophy was to bring together a young and professionally trained team, to give an agile response to new Quality and Service demands.

Market: Manufacture of parts with measurements of between 8 and 50 mms diameter. Out products are designed for the Automotive, Electrical Appliances, Electronics, Gas and Tools industries. Out structure has the appropriate dimensions to be able to offer quality, service and very competitive prices, for medium and large batch runs.

Machinery: We have the most modern Multi-spindle Lathes (18) made by the most prestigious manufactures that give us the capacity to create some of the highest range diameters on the market.

· 18 Multi-spindle machines: 6 and 8 spindle machines with a capacity of 8 to 50 mms. Brands Dmg/Mori and Gildemeister.

The Company: A bar turning company created by Ugarteburu to solve request that some customers needed in single spindles machines.

Market: CNC LAN specialises in the manufacture of high precision complex partes, from 2 to 42 mm, in short and long batch runs, aimed at the Automotive, Electrical Appliances, Electronics and Locks industry markets and others.

Machinery: We are equipped with the most modern machinery wich allows us to offer a highly competitive product, DECO 2000 Single Spindle Lathes with numeric control, Escomatic screw machines, etc.

· 30 Single spindle machines with capacity from 3 mm to 40 mm, brands Deco 2000, Escomatic and Miyano.

The Company: Focused on giving support to all production plants of the group. It has three key business units.

  • Design, manufacturing and reparation of machinery.
  • Mechanichal and electrical maintance.
  • Assembly