Technological partner on manufacturing and development of turned parts.

About Us

USA GROUP, is a group of companies founded by Ugarteburu S.A. specialised in the manufacturing of turned parts. USA GROUP is based on values that have been, over the years, the priority objectives of its member companies:

  • Quality
  • Service
  • Competitiveness
  • Loyalty

Always rising to the challenge of satisfying our customers, and offering them the best results.
To do this, as well as being equipped with the most highly appropriate and modern machinery, at USA-GROUP we have made a commitment to the training and professional development of our staff, our group’s real driving force and depository of the technology that singles us out.

Our philosophy is continuous improvement to ensure we meet our customers requirements, always offering the best service and maximum quality.

Our vision

We are your technological partner on development and manufacturing of turned parts.

  • 120 employees.
  • More than 1.700 different references.
  • 250 millions of parts manufactured during 2019.
  • Batches from 500 pieces up to 5 miIlion.